Adult Tennis Programs

Adult Tennis Classes

Beginner adult classes for those looking to learn the basics, advance their technique, returning to tennis after a layoff, & get fitness, or looking for competitive play in a social environment.

 Adult Tennis Classes/ $30 per class-session / or 6 sessions $125

  • Instruction that allows more time to experiment and ask questions
  • Detailed breakdown and explanation of each techniques and skills
  • Instruction on how to practice to maximize improvement
  • Tennis is a Great cardiovascular workout
  • 1.5 hour session

Drop in Drills / $30 per class-session / or 6 sessions $125

Drop in Drills are for students that have enough skill to play but lack practice opportunities.  In our drop in drills we have games that improve your match play and keep you moving while having fun.  Students receive quick tips and fast pace drills for the warm up before moving on to point play. Drop in Drills help bring your tennis game to the next level.

  • Net play
  • Baseline play
  • Tactics and strategy
  • Decision making in a point play situation
  • Fun & Fitness
  • 1.5 hour Session


Team Practice / $180 per session

We provide a coach to run practice for competitive teams . Your team will be analyzed for strengths and weaknesses and coaching will be catered to maximize success. You will be provided with and outside view of your team and how well you work together.

  • 1.5 hours per session Learn to utilize strengths and improve weaknesses of individuals and the team as a whole.
  • Line-up suggestions
  • Learn strategies and tactics through drills and game play
  • Improving team work & communication